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About Us

OmniTrace Investigation was founded with the goal of providing transparent, ethical, and accurate investigations and legal support services for California. Owner and operator, Jason Cantrell, boasts 10 years of investigation experience and expertise that he brings to each and every case.

Our California investigators believe in providing thorough reporting so that all your questions are answered. This standard also applies to our court services, where we serve legal documents with ease and precision. We understand that your case often depends on our efficiency, so we make it our goal to provide the best possible results in the timeframe you need.

To ensure quality, one of our lead investigators or agents will personally oversee all investigations to be sure every case is done in a professional and confidential manner. We are proud to serve our Californian community with excellent customer service, competitive rates, and accurate results. Please contact us to see how we can best help you, and answer any legal support service or investigation questions you may have.

Process Service/Court Services

Process Service

The process of legally notifying an individual of their involvement in a court case, legal proceeding, or notice such as writ, garnishment, or eviction.

Our Service:

  • Routine: First attempts within 48 hours
  • Rush: First attempts within 24 hours.
  • Up to 4 attempts included in price

Our Goal:

Our goal is to serve the individual on the 1st attempt, either at their home or place of business.


It is typically helpful to provide a home and work address, and a picture of the individual if possible.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a location service particularly aimed at locating an individual in order to serve process. This skill is extremely valuable for a process server to ensure that the individual you need to be served is found, regardless if you have an address. Additionally, skip tracing can be used in other cases to locate individuals for asset or collections recovery, or many other reasons.

At OmniTrace, we have the experience and tools to locate individuals for your legal or personal case. We utilize skip tracing for various needs to ensure that you get the results you require.

Skip tracing is a valuable asset that can be paired with our numerous services, or as a single service. If you need to locate someone, give OmniTrace a call to track them down!

OSINT/Social Media Investigations

In the course of conducting an investigation or simply due diligence, it would be unwise and even neglectful to overlook the vast supply of intelligence found in social media and other open sources. Anyone may be able to find a Facebook Account and look through the items posted, but a true OSINT researcher doesn't stop there. Much more information can be found by someone trained in the specific area of OSINT, not only because they will know significantly more search methods than the untrained person, they know that methods change rapidly and workarounds are found and shared within the OSINT training community. Collection methods can also be important, in order to ensure that what you have collected can be used as evidence if needed. Of course, Facebook is the largest social media platform, but Twitter, Instagram, blogs, news articles, and many other sources should always be thoroughly and competently searched for actionable information as well as material that can help an investigator conduct a thorough interview.

Private Investigation Services

Asset Investigations

Records search in order to know what assets someone has prior to taking them to court.

Database Record Search

Detailed record search and reports through public databases, as well as restricted access databases.

Insurance / Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud costs millions of dollars a year, be sure that your company is not one of the affected. We will thoroughly research to investigate and document what an individual's injuries and claims truly are.

Diligent Estate

Diligent Estate searches are often required by law in most states to demonstrate all efforts have been made to locate and identify any and all possible heirs to an estate.

Diligent Adoption

Diligent adoption is a search often required by law in most states to demonstrate all investigations that have been done to locate a missing parent prior to rights being terminated.

Social Media

There is a vast supply of intelligence to be found within various social media platforms and beyond. This information, once found and secured, can often make all the difference in your case. Whether it provides the key component or assists in other investigatory aspects, this valuable material should not be overlooked. Omnitrace has a department specializing in this type of research, with the experience and expertise to get the job done right.


Surveillance is usually conducted for a large variety of legal, personal, and financial cases in order to gather concrete evidence of a claim in court. Surveillance is extremely useful for evaluating your subject, documenting their daily activities, determining who they meet with, their lifestyle, or for whatever other information you are seeking to obtain. Our investigators can obtain video documentation using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment.

Photographs and/or video documentation are made available at your disposal. These can also be used as evidence in trial cases. If called for, our private investigators can also testify in a court of law.

Here at OmniTrace, surveillance is our specialty and the backbone of our investigative services. The results provided through surveillance guide our reporting and provide reliable, concrete evidence.

Background Investigations

Our investigators can check an individual's criminal background, driving history, and public information for a variety of uses.

Infidelity Investigations

Discrete investigations to gather evidence of an affair. We believe that you have the right to know. Our investigators research and surveil diligently to provide you with answers that you deserve.

Child Custody

Are you involved in a child custody case that has gotten out of control? We can conduct surveillance and document our findings.

Missing Persons

In today's society people go missing every day. It could be a relative you may have lost contact with or a teenager that has run away. We at Omnitrace will work hard to find this individual.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Background checks and screening so that you have peace of mind knowing who you're about to hire.

Tenant Screening

Thorough and detailed reports with potential renters so you know who is going to be living in your house.

Free Consultation

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to figure out your specific investigative needs and give you the best price available. Please call or fill out our form to schedule a consultation.

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Process Serving Rates

We offer low hourly rates for any surveillance needed as well as flat rates for many types of investigations.

  • Sacramento County - $100
  • Sutter County - $100
  • Placer County - $100
  • El Dorado County - $125
    • *extra charges beyond Placerville
  • Nevada County - $125
    • *extra charges beyond Grass Valley/ Nevada City
  • Solano County - $125
    • *extra charges beyond Fairfield
  • Yolo County - $125
  • Yuba County - $100
  • Butte County - $125
  • San Joaquin County - $150

Investigation Rates

  • General Investigations - $75/hour + related expenses and .55 cents per mile driven.
  • Specialized Investigation Rate (OSINT/SOCIAL MEDIA) for use in court- $100 per hour.
  • Specialized Investigation Preliminary report (OSINT/SOCIAL MEDIA) not documented for court use. - $125 flat fee.
    • We will do a 2 hour preliminary report that will include searching many resources for information. With this preliminary report we will disclose any information revealed and give an estimate of how much time and cost can be expected in your particular case and if more investigation is recommended. If further investigation is accepted the rate is $100 per hour.

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